Toner transfer paper

I suppose that I really wouldn't need to pour as much thinner into the pan. As you probably found out ages ago, grease is the enemy.

I have, several times, used a lot more force on the iron, and it IS possible to flatten out or blur pads or traces, if I press hard enough, or if I accidentally scrape with the edge or tip of the iron instead of keeping it flat.

But I do know what the result of doing so is — smeary transfers that are extremely sensitive to the amount of pressure applied. But they are so strong that they're too brittle, and they broke too often, for me. Possibly, it would even work as well with just a thinner-soaked paper towel. Doing it quickly, and getting on with the rest of the project instead of placing an order and waiting for delivery, helps keep me in the flow.

I'm still trying to find a stick-on high temp thermometer. HP Premium Transparency film for Deskjet works the best so far, and prints very well in a laser printer. The type of paper used is the KEY. And their service is at least as good, and may be even better.

Mine are usually free, and filled with hot-and-spicy Szechuan or Hunan Chinese food, initially.

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People use ferric chloride or ammonium persulfate. Unfortunately, even the complete UPC isn't cross-referenced on the Staples web site doh. But, it was almost impossible to remove, even with long soaks in soapy hot water, or in alcohol, and often pulled the traces off with it.

Let me know if I can be of more help. The springs are the key. However, there have recently been some reports that indicate that the problem may be due to the Brother TONER, rather than the printers themselves.

Thomas F Bob, Thanks for inquiring. I'm really just getting into hobby electronics, and hope that as I learn more I will be able to put my projects on professional looking PCBs using the technique you describe. The FR4 fiberglass board material may actually be more of a problem.

Of course, it doesn't do a very good job, since it's handheld. It doesn't transmit heat well, at all, which results in very fast heating of, for example, stainless steel drill bits, if they're used on it, which dulls them EXTREMELY quickly.

There are also some other very good discussion groups, there. One pint seems to etch at least a couple square feet of the 1-oz board. You might have to press very hard, for this part. The paper has to be able to be removed, relatively easily, without causing any damage to the pattern on the copper.

Mine was a soft or maybe medium stiffness brush. Every once in a while, I remove the board, rinse it, and hold it up to a bright light and also reflect light off of itto better-see what's left to remove. If anyone has done anything similar, please let me know.

Also, digging the bristles on the tip of the brush straight into the holes, while lightly making tight circular motions, gets the residue out with minimal brush pressure. When I do one board at a time, I sometimes use a plastic tub of etchant, which sits in hot water in a sink. A bubbler-tank, with a heater, can easily be built, using plexiglas or a Tupperware breakfast-cereal container.

The Printer and Its Software At this point, with the toner transfer process itself pretty much dialed in, the limiting factor in how reliably and at what resolution you can print is going to be the printer itself and the software that drives it.

The high temperature sheet ripped when pulling it off, probably because its plastic layer melted into the toner.

This email may, however, state the official policy and position of the voices in my head. The boards are absolutely gorgeous. OH, and make sure there are no wrinkles!. Anyway, I couple of questions come to mind that you may be able to answer: I was amazed to see that the total cost changed very little, for almost any quantity I entered.

2. Crop and align. Remove dust and fingerprints on the board with acetone. That is important, otherwise the toner will not retain. Cut out the layout an put it with the printed side on the board.

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Toner transfer paper
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Toner Transfer Paper