Policing funtions paper

If there were no state agencies that patrolled our highways and other rural areas our local police would not have the time to patrol our local communities.

Their I OFF robberies, or any misdemeanors or felony crimes. The Border Patrol also will have the right to check for any illegal good or drugs that individuals might try to smuggle into the United States.

All three level of the criminal justice system have many different functions within each level organizations, but they all serve for the same purpose in which is to protect citizens from illegal acts, and to ensure that the United States is free from different attacks.

To this end, policemen are expected to uphold the law as well as to enforce it impartially and without bias. On the other hand many people argue that it will put a stop to crimes, and violence across the United States.

Back in time officers were not to friendly with the residents they came in contact with, but that has also changed because law enforcement need residential help. There eave been more arrests for possession of marijuana than anything else, maybe then the arrests can stop. Animals were put on this planet for a reason, Just like us and I do not believe that it is right to harm them.

The highway patrol also enforces and protects state buildings and facilities.

Policing Funtions Paper

In this case many of them really need help or rehabilitation to become better individuals. They do have the toughest Job even though they do not have to respond to calls, but they do come across very dangerous scenarios.

Policing Funtions Paper

As part of their Job when they are called in for crime scenes they do conduct investigations that include gathering evidence, making arrests, and speaking with potential witnesses. There are many other federal agencies, but these two agencies we seem to hear more about.

Policing Functions Paper

They are also charged with the responsibility of creating a feeling of security in the community. Local law enforcement enforces traffic and criminal laws within their Jurisdiction. There are three popular organizations that are within the federal government in which they are Federal Bureau of Investigations FBIThe United States Marshal Service, and the United States Border Patrol, in which all three organizations have different functions that must be completed correctly.

As for the men and women in policing it will benefit them since people are sure the crimes will deter, and drug trafficking will be put to a stop.

Policing Functions Paper - Essay Example

Since the attacks on the United States occurred on September 11, it damaged the United States in the worse way. Technology is an important factor for all law enforcement.

The federal agencies do not enforce local or state laws, but will give a tip to the correct local or state authorities when a certain suspect is found or spotted.

Major Functions Of Police Departments

The top priority for U. As part of their Job when they are called in for crime scenes they do conduct investigations that include gathering evidence, making arrests, and speaking with potential witnesses.

This law should be repealed because it really is not giving the person any choice by law. Federal Law Enforcement The federal law enforcement is incorporated into many organizations divided between the department of homeland security and the department of Justice. The three strikes law is in the state of California, which basically after their third offense you will be incarcerated for many years.

These men and women of law risk their lives every day; they know the dangers of their job. The levels of the criminal justice system have faced many changes in the past and still more changes to come for the near future.

The one subject that is on the media is the legalization of cannabis for recreational use. We provide free writing help and appreciate tips. In addition the United States Border Patrol function is to ensure that even individual that enters or exist the United States have the proper documents in order to re-gain entrance into the United States.

Another law that wants to come into effect is the sentencing laws, which is a debate, because many inmates have been incarcerated for minor offenses or minor felonies. The mall goal for the local law enforcement Is to uphold the laws on streets and In their neighborhoods that they patrol.

Local Law Enforcement Local Law enforcement are in the Jurisdiction within the city limits of their state, and are responsible for patrolling areas directed to them to prevent crimes.

To ensure residents in their community, officers will ensure that they are safe by communication. This entails maintenance of peace and prevention of activities that might potentially disturb others.

To this end, policemen facilitate orderly movement of motor vehicles, as well as people. Policing in the past and in the present there are many different outlooks of how the policing functions.

It has been proven that alcohol and tobacco have killed more people than those that have been smoking with marijuana in their system.

Bush to alter the organizational structure of federal law enforcement in the United States. State Law Enforcement State level policing is very different to local police because they do have Jurisdiction over the whole state that they work for.

State police do have many functions because they do cover more ground area, which is within the city limits, and they also have those that patrol the highways. The various policing functions of local, state and federal all have their own roles and are important for each jurisdiction.

The most common law enforcement that we see in our daily lives is the local police. Policing Functions Paper Dana Gurley CJA April 29, Don Frederick Policing Functions Paper According to The Free Dictionary (), policing is defined as to regulate, control, or keep in order with or as if with a law enforcement agency.

Download file to see previous pages Commonly to gain many duties these standards/levels and organizations work together. Whilst every level of law enforcement has its personal obligations and methods, there functions have quality of comparison (Dempsey and Forst‎, ).

1 Police Department Roles and Functions Paper Police Department Roles and Functions Paper CJA/ October 6, Ashley Hunsinger This preview has intentionally blurred sections.

Sign up to view the full version. Policing Funtions Paper Because each agency has their distinct aspects in their work, this paper will provide a detailed summary of the local, state, and federal law enforcement, and a mammary of possible future changes in laws and the impact these changes will have on policing.

Policing funtions paper
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