Oral history paper

In what ways are his or her responses similar to or different from your own life. As your interview gets going, initial uneasiness should subside. Joan displayed a lot of passion about the war.

What beliefs, activities, values, and hopes did your interviewee have at that time. Proposal Queries may be directed to: You need to cite information whether you are directly quoting it or not.

How do these results affect my original goals. Written sources occur within a social context. What of the differences between the spoken and written word. Observe tone of voice, body language, and other clues to make these judgments. Do your best not to interrupt -- let your subjects complete their thoughts.

Your thesis may emerge gradually as you wrestle with your documents in early drafts. As long as you are aware of the pitfalls, you will be fine. How reliable is the information gathered by oral history.

Who owns the interview and has the right to decide how the completed interview and transcription will be used. How can I ensure that the transcription is accurate.

Ongoing interests and hobbies What has provided you the greatest satisfaction in life. Overview of Paper To prepare to write this paper, you will interview two people who were at least 7 years old in the year to learn about their lives during that decade along with how they thought about the events and developments of the era.


What of the failings of human memory. You will turn in the following, all together, in a big envelope, with your name clearly marked on each component: Illustrated with examples from a wide range of fascinating projects, this authoritative guide offers clear,practical, and detailed advice for students, teachers, researchers, and amateur genealogists who wish to record the history of their own families and communities.

When I transcribe, will I write exactly what was said or will I begin light editing right from the start. Listening Session researchers share longer excerpts from their interviews up to 30 minutes of audio totaland then generate a conversation with the audience.

The Meaning and Implication of Oral History - The Meaning and Implication of Oral History In the United States the institutional beginnings of oral history can be traced back to. Oral History Research Paper This sample Oral History Research Paper is published for educational and informational purposes only.

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Oral history focuses on eliciting information (oral accounts) from people who actually experienced or witnessed historical events. It differs somewhat from the fields of folklore and ethnography (cultural studies), which also.

Because oral history papers can vary a great deal according to their aims, make sure to develop a clear sense of your purpose. The assignment itself may specify quite clearly what kind of an oral history project you may do or leave many of the choices up to you. Oral History Course Paper Anthro 2a – Fall For this assignment you have a choice of 2 topics.

Oral History Essays (Examples)

Please select only one of these for your paper. This paper is to be at least words (approximately 6 pages), typed, double-spaced, size 10–12 font with reasonable sized margins (1””). Family History Sample Outline and Questions: The following outline can be used to structure a family oral history interview and contains examples of specific questions.

Oral history paper
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